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"Contact Us" feature now available Publicado 27-08-2015 21:34:04

☜♥☞ M&F ☜♥☞

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Hello everybody,

As you may or may not know, the "Contact Us" for the EN site had a little bit of issues and if you placed a request for assistance you might not get a reply until today.

So I'm very proud to announce that this feature is up and running, and waiting for your support tickets!! =D

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for understanding.

25-03-2016 23:26:25

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I'm still waiting an answer on the Contact Us feature >-<
23-03-2020 19:32:47

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I'm not sure how this website works. Can anyone help me out?

Hey there!

Do you understand English or Spanish and would like to help translate Habbo-Happy into your mother tongue (including English!)? Please write to the Spanish or English customer support for more information about how to collaborate in the largest worldwide fansite.