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The ex-staff member 4Queijos shares with the community the Habbo merchandise found years later

Notebooks, stickers, and many other items filled with memories related to the game

Maryan20 | 4 months ago | 22:42:17 11/2/2024 | habbo-happy.net

The Brazilian hotel had the presence, some years ago, of the user 4Queijos, a legendary member of the staff team who performed functions similar to the well-known Estarqui within the Spanish hotel. Since leaving, this member has maintained contact with the community outside the hotel, sharing interesting facts—one of which we will present below. Are you intrigued to know what it is? Well, keep reading!

During a move, the former staff member discovered among their possessions various physical promotional pieces related to Habbo. Among them, for example, we can find a series of notebooks with a colorful design featuring the old view of the hotel or the interior of a room; as well as a collection of stickers with furniture and animals available in the game.

Notebook and assorted stickers

Another memory shared includes classic Habbo cards featuring some characters, along with promotional cards containing contact information related to the ex-staff member and the Sulake company, such as location or contact methods. 

Various card models

What do you think of these merchandise items shared by the former staff? Would you have liked to collect any of them? Would you be interested in purchasing hotel-related items? Let us know through the comments, and don't forget to keep visiting Habbo-Happy to discover many more curiosities related to the world of Habbo.

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What users say?
2 months ago
I miss the launch of these types of interesting physical products. Thanks for collecting them :D
4 months ago
Thanks for the info!! n_n
4 months ago
What a trip back in time with this merchandise items! Nice to see that he is still keeping and sharing them with the community even though he is no longer part of the staff. It would be great to see this type of physical product back again.

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