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Habbo launches a new #ExpressYourself campaign spot with flipflops and socks

We show you all the details and the behind the scenes extra

Habbo-Happy | 25-08-2017 14:25:00 | 14:25:00 25/8/2017 | habbo-happy.net

In the last few days Habbo has given much importance to its latest clothing, the flip-flops with socks. In addition to promoting it inside the hotel, they have been publishing photos of their staff from their three offices (Madrid, London and Finland) wearing this garment in real life. And the news in relation to this topic continue, because today a new spot related to #ExpressYourself has been released. If you want to see it and discover all the details - this is your article!

This spot has a duration of less than two minutes, and throughout the video we can see people of different races wearing their socks and Habbo merchandising, such as t-shirts or headphones. The song, by the artist Apollo G, is titled "Si k sta", although this time has been adapted for the game mentioning the hotel and referring to its popularity. As a curiosity, it's shot in a Spanish town. We will not make you wait any longer, let's see it!

Behind the scenes

In addition to the spot, the artist have also decided to publish the making of in which we can see how it was the shooting of one of the scenes on the basketball court.

What do you think about this spot? Comment with us your opinion and stay tuned to Habbo-Happy.

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What users say?
25-08-2017 14:47:51
I like it! I think it's the best production done in these last years and more flashy than classic spots. It looks like they are investing lot of money and effort on #ExpressYourself, so I hope it goes well.
26-08-2017 22:56:41
why is there only adults in the video?
26-08-2017 22:45:03
seriously? habbo wasting money on this lol
26-08-2017 15:09:05
WOW! That was great
25-08-2017 20:23:12
cool video
25-08-2017 15:15:17
I like it! :D
25-08-2017 14:57:19
Good spot :D

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