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Habbo users recognize the Casemiro celebration dance

Can you imagine to see him with a Habbo account?

Habbo-Happy | 13-08-2017 17:07:57 | 17:07:57 13/8/2017 | habbo-happy.net

As many of you may know, Casemiro is one of the Real Madrid Spanish Club footballers, who played in the Super Cup in Europe, where his team reached the victory. As a result, this football player began to perform a dance very similar to the one that exists in Habbo for those users who don't belong to the Habbo Club. You can see it here!

This dance made by Casemiro quickly became viral in social networks, where Habbo users definitely found that style familiar, posting comments like "That reminds me of Habbo dancing!" Or "Is not that the Habbo dance?". And they are right - the movement of the head, hands and legs is the same!


What a coincidence! May be this footballer plays Habbo in his free time? That's hard to know, so... It's time for you to draw your own conclusion!

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What users say?
13-08-2017 17:38:16
The dance is very similar! I think it is a wink/signal for habbo users hahaha
13-08-2017 17:14:35
It is true that it looks quite similar HAHAHAHAHA I love it! lol

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