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Gamers unite! Publicado 16-12-2016 01:59:46 | Editado 16-12-2016 22:46:34

☜♥☞ M&F ☜♥☞

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Hello guys,

I know there are a lot of Habbo users who also like to play videogames (I'm a gamer girl myself), so I thought about creating this thread in case anyone would like to share your gaming info with other users.

I'm an Xbox girl so I usually play Gears of War 4, 7 Days to Die, Dark Souls 3, and a bunch of other games, so feel free to add me but also send me a message to let me know you come from Habbo-Happy =)

If you wish to share your gaming info, make sure to include the platform you play, your gamertag, and maybe the games you like to play.

My XBL is: CMG Mindayan

Happy gaming! ^_^

PS: Remember to share only accounts not linked with your real life or personal details.
16-12-2016 22:48:54

Hay 300 Fers detrás de mí

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May I say that there is a pro gamer girl here! Well, and Xbox girl hahaha

Thanks for sharing :)
19-12-2016 05:15:25

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I used to play The Last of us, and i finished it four times, then i get bored :'v
22-12-2016 00:06:48

A divertirse!

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I used to be a gamer girl too, but now, cause of the studies im not into that, just Habbo u.u

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