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Best Habbo Rooms

We will look up the best rooms in Habbo

Tenshi. | 21-06-2015 23:10:53 | 23:10:53 21/6/2015 | habbo-happy.net

We are back in a new edition of Best Habbo Rooms, where your eyes will be able to see the best rooms in Habbo. Shall we start?

 Angel's door, by Nnena33 from Habbo.es (link to the room) If you have ever wondered to be close to the sky, at this room you will we able to touch it!:

 Sulake corporation, by DeMoNcRaZy from Habbo.es. (link to the room) Have you ever seen an office made by pixels? Sulake opens his first branch in Habbo!

 Beastie Boarders, by Rakker from Habbo.nl (link to the room). Even bigger than the Everest. Enjoy the view!

We have already finished this week's edition. If you have an amazing room or you know somebody who has one, tell us to include it in the coming editions. See you in the next edition!

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What users say?
19-12-2016 02:49:18
they are all great rooms!
22-06-2015 21:04:08
They are great!
22-06-2015 17:04:52
I don't like rooms
22-06-2015 10:28:44
I liked the three rooms but I can't choose my favourite one.
22-06-2015 09:56:23
I like Beastie Boarders.
22-06-2015 05:47:04
The second room is my favorite.
22-06-2015 05:20:18
Those are some great rooms
22-06-2015 04:21:19
Very cool those rooms. I wish i could build like that :'(
22-06-2015 03:56:04
Beastie Boarders is the best one so far
22-06-2015 03:55:06
really they are the best at what they do
22-06-2015 00:59:50
Amazing rooms!
22-06-2015 00:19:48
Aww, I love Sakura trees!! The first room is my favorite =)

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