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A way of bets

Habbo will be forced to publish random boxes probability data that may disappear in the future

Products with random content are affected with novelties that favor customers due to changes in external policies

Habbo-Happy | 13-01-2018 20:36:12 | 20:36:12 13/1/2018 | Theverge / Europapress

For a long time now, Habbo has been releasing different furniture in which luck is involved. Using those items, users can randomly get one of the furnis included without knowing the probability of getting each one.

Habbo will have to disclose information about probabilities in random boxes

Recently, Apple has updated its App Store policy by forcing any application that is included in there to give the information about the chances of getting something in a random paid box.

In the Habbo's case, this product is implemented in several ways, such as Chests with a rare inside, the Party Hats Gifts Boxes, the Victorian Christmas Tailor's Book, bonus bags and any other furni with these characteristics. Therefore, if Habbo decides to release soon a product like that and also sell it through the mobile app, they must disclose this information.
Current furnitures in which luck is involved

Belgium calls for the elimination of random product boxes

In addition to the initiative taken by Apple, there is also a Belgium proposal in the European Union that requests that selling these products should be prohibited as they believe that it is a form of bet mixed with video games in which many teenagers are subjected in all the world.

Koen Geens, Belgium’s Minister of Justice: "Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of the child. We will certainly try to ban it."

Right now, this proposal has not yet been officially launched nor has a clear conclusion reached, so the ban on these products is still in the air.

Do you think that it is a good idea to know the probabilities when acquiring this type of furniture? Do you think that the best solution is to eliminate them completely? Comment your opinion and keep an eye on Habbo-Happy.

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