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Technical problems

Chrome 70 penalizes Habbo leaving users with a white screen

The community which can't enter the hotel found a temporary solution

Habbo-Happy | 01-11-2018 16:13:21 | 16:13:21 1/11/2018 | habbo-happy.net

A few weeks ago, Google released Chrome 69 which further complicated the access to Habbo in favor to the final death of Flash coming in December 2020. Although Habbo does not provide official information about future plans, Adobe argues that they will put more effort into improving the performance of AIR, a technology used in the Habbo mobile application and the one that could be extended to the future desktop version.

The new Chrome 70 version penalizes Habbo for technical reasons

Some weeks later after that, the Chrome 70 update launched by Google is penalizing Habbo again so users who use this version can not access the hotel because the screen remains blank when trying to enter the site. The reason for this is that Google announced several trust problems with certain secure protocol providers (HTTPS) last March, and the affected sites had to be updated before launching this version.

Users are again affected and have to take action on their own

As a result of the new version, users who use Chrome 70 will not be able to access the hotel until measures are taken, as Habbo has not updated the technical infrastructure mentioned by Google for months. Although cleaning cookies or cache does not solve anything, some users have managed to solve the error by reinstalling the web browser again. Habbo-Happy has proceeded to alert the Sulake technicians before the publication of this article, but we still do not have official information.

What do you think about this new error suffered by users that use Chrome? Do you think Habbo should have pay more attention to this issues? Comment your opinion with us and keep visiting Habbo-Happy to stay informed.

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06-01-2020 19:18:04
stan loona<3
13-12-2018 22:26:25
Thank for the info!

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