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Back to the old Habbo

Ready to go back in time?

Luu | 08-12-2016 00:36:51 | 00:36:51 8/12/2016 | habbo-happy.net

Although many of you remember the old appearance of the public rooms of Habbo, there are surely people who believe that they have always been as they are now... But that's not correct! In this edition of Best Habbo Rooms we will remember how some of these rooms were formerly, thanks to the constructions that some users have made. Let us begin!

Do you remember those spring afternoons in the upper area of the Sun Terrace? And... What about those walks in the Peaceful Park? They were rooms with a very pleasant climate, don't you think?
-.-DarkSilk-.- NL

Any hot day of the year, the Habbo Lido and its trampoline were overflowing. What if it was bad weather? No problem! At the Cinema you had fun chatting with friends.
-.-DarkSilk-.- NL

A perfect place to have a drink with friends was the Ice Café, but... What if you wanted to dance? In that case you could go to Club Mamut, if you belonged to Habbo Club, of course.
-.-DarkSilk-.- NL

If you are one of those people who are passionate about reading, surely the Library was your favorite room, the one you never left due to the huge amount of books... Who would want to go out?
sofie372 COM

Now it's your turn... What do you think of the rooms shown? Do you want to propose a room or theme for future editions? You can use the comments to make your opinion known while waiting for the next edition!

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What users say?
19-12-2016 02:33:55
OMG, these rooms bring back memories!! I loved them!! specially the Habbo pool! <3
19-12-2016 02:15:42
Pretty nice reconstructions!
13-12-2016 10:49:44
I love all of them! Pretty nice indeed! :D

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