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A night at the family home

What are each of your family members doing?

Luu | 29-07-2017 20:09:32 | 20:09:32 29/7/2017 | habbo-happy.net

It has always been said that every family is a world, since every family has a way of doing things, right? In this edition of Best Habbo Rooms, I will show some buildings of two Spanish users in which they show some everyday moments. Want to know what a night is like in this house? Let's go there!

In the first image we can see the mother, who does not care about the time to bake sweets, since it's already night time and the woman is still in the kitchen baking and baking cakes.


After checking how busy the mother is in the kitchen, we go to the room of the little ones, also known as the party people, since they are doing everything, except sleeping. Whom do they take it from...?


Seeing what the mother and the kids do ... Will the whole family be the same? Not really! Since the son in the middle is in his room, very neat, reading a book. What is it about?


Well, we have already verified that not all the children of this woman are the same, although we still have to visit the room of the oldest son that, as you can see, is sleeping peacefully in his bed, after a very hard day, poor thing!


Now it's your turn... What do you think of the rooms above? Do you want to propose a room or theme for future editions? You can use the comments to make your opinion known while waiting for the next edition!

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What users say?
31-07-2017 11:44:04
I love all of them! Pretty nice indeed! :D

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