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Browsers hurry Flash's death to 2019 by reducing the previous date

Although the removal will happen in 2020, an important disabled is closer

angelluis54 | 10-03-2019 22:40:22 | 22:40:22 10/3/2019 | habbo-happy.net

These last months have been characterized in Habbo by the announcement of Flash's removal which has left many problems between the users related to the access to the hotel. Habbo clarified a few months ago that they were preparing the migration to a new technology before 2020, but this change seems to be closer after an ultimatum which the most used browsers have launched.

Chrome, Firefox and Edge will deactivate Flash progressively during 2019

The last minute which these browsers have given us is that the official removal of Flash Player is planned for the end of 2020, although during 2019 it is going to be deactivated facing the public.

Despite we cannot talk about an exact date yet, Chrome has engaged to do it along July and Firefox throughout September; whereas Edge is also moving during these dates. Thus, only a few months are missing for these browsers disabled it.

What would happen if Habbo doesn't migrate its technology before the established dates?

It is true that the official date for the removal is kept in 2020, so that after this event it could be still possible to activate it, but in a different and more difficult way than we currently do. Users who want to enter the hotel would need to access their browsers' advanced settings so that they could activate Flash.

Therefore, this previous step which some browsers will take could negatively affect Habbo by preventing thousand of users to access the hotel if the technological migration doesn't start soon. Otherwise, Habbo would have to get that all users modify their browsers, an impractical measure for the community.

All that we currently know about the technological change

From Habbo-Happy we have informed you about this polemical process of migration for the last two years and we give you now a brief summary about the most important aspects which you have to take account of.

Habbo Staff have a plan which is in progress

During the last months Habbo has firmly shown that they are going to abandon Flash and the hotel will not close because of the technological change, but they have never given a clear date; they always say it will be before 2020.

WaltzMatilda, Habbo COM Staff: "I know our developers have a plan. I can say the process is in motion and that we are currently working on the 2020 version."


Adobe AIR is one of the candidateses 

Habbo-Happy has shown in exclusive that Adobe AIR could be the chosen technology to migrate the hotel. This idea would fit with the description given by the staffs who say the core will continue being similar to the current one. Adobe AIR is already used by Habbo in mobile devices and it also uses the same language to create the Flash Player version on desktop.

Habbo will not be exclusively for mobile devices

On the other hand, they also clarify that in the moment when the technological change happens, Habbo would continue being useful in all its frameworks in which it is currently used. Therefore, mobile devices aren't going to become the only way to access the hotel.

What do you think about this updates related to the progressive disappearance of Flash? Do you think Habbo will be on time? Give us your opinion through the comments and keep on visiting Habbo-Happy to be informed!

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What users say?
06-01-2020 19:15:38
Well... it's over stan loona
06-01-2020 19:15:23
Well... it's over stan loona
05-04-2019 22:38:24
Hope they get on time, otherwise it will be a problem.
10-03-2019 23:41:06
I wish it improved soon...

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