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Discover all the products which are coming in this campaign based on the Ancient Greece

Let's see the new bundles, rares and clothes available this month

angelluis54 | 14-05-2019 16:26:38 | 16:26:38 14/5/2019 | habbo-happy.net

We've begun May and that's the reason why a new campaign has started: Ancient Greece. There have been many clues that revealed us the new topic for the campaign and, finally, we could know all the new furnis related to Greece. Would you know more details about this? Keep on reading!

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Four new room bundles are apearing during the campaign

When a new campaign starts, there are a lot of different room bundles which are on sale for some credits (or credits and diamonds) and some of them includes a special furni, too. Besides, they also include an exclusive badge.

The first one is known as Greek Hot Springs Bundle, a new room in which you would can have a relaxing shower. It includes an exclusive badge for your possessions.

Greek Hot Springs Bundle 
Take some time out, revitalise your pixels and take a hot bath in these natural hot springs. (Built by Boomzager (NL)

Next, we have the Colossus of Rhodes Bundle, based on a Ancient Greek temple. If you get one, you'll receive an exclusive badge for it.

Colossus of Rhodes Bundle 
Built as a dedication to the greek sun god Helios, this statue was one of the seven wonders of the world. Check out this bundle and pick up your own piece of ancient greek history! (Built by Jenneben (NL)

The third one is the Santorini Dock Bundle, which had already been on sale during Santorini's campaign some time ago. It includes an exclusive Smiling Dolphin.

Santorini Dock Bundle
Nothing better than to start the holidays in the wonderful Santorini dock, it includes the EXCLUSIVE Smiling Dolphin

The last one is also an old bundle known as Red Beach Bundle. It includes the rocky crab pool, an exclusive furni which offers hand items.

Red Beach Bundle 
Dark sand? Crabs cut-fingers? This beach is ... unique! It includes the rocky crab pool (it offers hand items)

Pets are important with their own room bundles, too

Every year it is on sale some pets bundles with an animal inside. During this campaign, these known as habitats are being renewed by new ones.

NEW Mini Pet Habitats 
For all the pet-mad Habbos, we've built five brand new mini habitats for Kittens, Piglets, Puppies, Terriers and Polar Bears. ALL with brand new badges!


Kitten's / Puppy's / Terrier's / Piglet's / Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle

Seven new thematic rares in all are being available to be bought

Within all the furnis launched for this campaign, we can find seven rares which will be on sale along this month. They are different clothes and some exclusive furnis related to the Ancient Greece.

RARE Medusa Hair! 
Snakes for hair. Snakes for hair! SNAKES FOR HAIR! Rare and never to sold again. Get one of these hairstyles while you can, Habbos! 

RARE Luxury Tiled Bath! 
Who doesn't love a nice hot bath? Particularly when it's decorated with luxury mosaic tiles. Rare and available for a limited time only! 

RARE Luxury Tiled Bath!

RARE Minotaur Horns! 
Become the mythical beast. Rare and never to be released again! 

RARE Senator's Bed!  
Greek senators are said to be the founders of the first known democracy in the world. They deserved a good bed, right? Rare and only available for a limited time! 

RARE Senator's Bed!

RARE Theatrical Masks!  
There's a mask for every occasion. Well, not EVERY occasion. However, we've got a tragic mask and a comedic mask for sale. Both rare, both never to be sold again!


RARE  Comic / Tragedy Mask

RARE Ancient Greek Chariot! 
Maybe you'll never be able to own an ancient greek chariot in real life. But it's Habbo - so you can. RARE and NEVER to be sold again! 



A new credit furni is part of these rares for the campaign

Sometimes it is known that a furni which can be changed for credits is put on sale. During this month, it is apearing a new one named Golden Sceptre which is worth 350 credits.

RARE Golden Sceptre Credit Furni! 
These beautiful pieces of metalwork are worth 350 credits. Rare and never to be sold again - invest while you can!  

The Gold Athenian Harp represents the new limited edition rare

Like in other campaigns before, a limited edition rare is released for those users who like collecting them. In this case, the new one is the Gold Athenian Harp, a little musical instrument.

Gold Athenian Harp LTD! 
There is a limited number of these impeccably crafted Athenian Harps. You know you want one!

Diamond's section is being renewed with a new and exclusive collection of paintings

It is known that there is a category inside the catalogue which includes exclusive paintings that can only be acquired with diamonds. After some months without receiving new ones, it will be renewed with a new collection, although we don't know yet how they would be.

NEW Diamond Paintings! 
Go and see all of the exquisite new diamond paintings we've just added to the Catalogue's wall decorations section. If you're a collector, you NEED to see them! 

Some new furnis will be on sale through a new collection specially designed for this campaign

All campaigns come with a new furni collection which is put on sale so that users could get them. In fact, there are a lot of new furnis based on Ancient Greek for this occasion.

NEW Ancient Greek Furni!  
Go and check out the mini furni line we released for our Ancient Greek revisitation event! 


Ancient Greek booster boxes are the novelty added for this campaign

May's campaign brings with it a new method by which you will can acquire furnis through booster boxes.

NEW: Ancient Greek Booster Boxes! 
Get a selection of ancient greek-inspired furni from these boxes. If you're lucky, you might get a Deluxe Athenian Harp! (See our recent website article for details about Deluxe items.)  
Get yourself a selection of ancient greek-inspired furni from these brand new booster boxes! Each one contains different variations, so pick wisely! (OR just get both.)


Each box includes a selection of different furnis and, if you're a lucky person, you will can get an exclusive Athenian harp

Preview of the exclusive harp

What do you think about all these novelties? Do you want to get some of then? Let us know your opinion through the comments and keep on reading Habbo-Happy for more information!

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What a campaign!

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