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Discover all the products which are coming with September's campaign

Find out all you need for buying at supermarket or spending a rainy day

angelluis54 | 01-09-2019 15:09:15 | 15:09:15 1/9/2019 | habbo-happy.net

We are finishing August's campaign based on Sunlight City and now he have to welcome September, a new month which arrives with a new topic. This year, September's campaign is related to the back-to-school day and rainy days, so you can find out all you need so as not to be bored.

Do you want to know all which is coming during this month? So keep on reading this article we've done for you!
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Four new bundles will be on sale during this month

As in many cases before, different room bundles will be on sale so that users can acquire an exclusive furniture selection with its own exclusive badge. This month it will be four bundles in total.

The first one is the Back to School Bundle, which is divided into three parts. This bundle includes three exclusive badges in total and four clothing items: two book bags and two half tied hair.

NEW: Back to School Bundle!
The full version of this bundle contains three exclusive badges and four exclusive clothing items! (2x Book Bags and 2x Half Tied Hair.)

Clothing items



Bundles' preview

Back to School Bundle 1 / 2 / 3
The second bundle is the Rainy Day Bundle, and ideal room in which you can spend rainy days in a comfortable way.

NEW: Rainy Day Bundle!
Contains a selection of the new Rainy Day furni!


The next one is the Supermarket Bundle, which contains 100% exclusive furniture that can only be acquired within this bundle.

NEW: Supermarket Bundle!
Made from 100% exclusive furni - get one while you can!

The last one is the Pro Gamer Bundle, one room which had already been on sale before and it contains all you need for spending a day playing videogames. There are some exclusive furnis inside it.

Pro Gamer Bundle
This bundle containts some of the most technically advanced gaming equipment ever made! Contains a selection of furni exclusive to this bundle.


A new type of furniture has been designed for this campaign

All campaigns which are celebrated in Habbo come with some exclusive furniture which are available during the month. As we'd informed you some days ago, a new and exclusive type of furniture for spending a rainy day will star in this campaign, so you will can acquire pillowstable games...

NEW: Rainy Day Furni!
Designed for those warm, cosy days spent inside with rain lashing against the windows.


Four new thematic rares will can be acquired during September

Inside all the new furniture for this month, we can find out four new thematic rares in which there are clothing items and some stuffed animals. Let's see them!

RARE Impermeable Raincoat!
You'll never get soaked again.


RARE Little Bear!
One seriously cute addition to your bedroom shelf.


RARE Teddy Dressing Gown!
Perfect for Saturday mornings in front of the TV.


RARE Buffy!


The Designer Hucci Bag will be the new credit furni which will appear during the campaign

In several occasions, Habbo puts on sale different exclusive furnis which can be changed into credits. This time, a new object called Designer Hucci Bag will be available inside the catalogue and users will can buy it for 250 credits in total.

RARE Designer Hucci Bag Credit Furni!
These are worth 250 credits. Rare and never to be sold again!

What do you think about all which is coming this new month? Do you feel like starting this campaign? Give us your opinion through the comments and keep on reading Habbo-Happy to know more!

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01-09-2019 15:10:17
I hope it'll be better than the last one

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