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Is Sulake working on a new product?

It could be focused for smartphones

Tenshi. | 22-06-2015 16:09:24 | 16:09:24 22/6/2015 | habbo-happy.net

A long time ago, Sulake used to develop Apps for smartphones, such as Niko, Bobba Bar and Lost Monkey. But, in the last months, Sulake decided to dedicate all their efforts to make Habbo better, which meant the disappearance of those games from their App Stores. But now, the situation may change.

Today we have found that Sulake could be working on a new product related to smartphones. This rumor appeared because in the Sulake's website, there's a new job offer. It means that Sulake is interested in the development of a new App with Unity and Xcode technology, so this wouldn't have some relation with Habbo. Also, this App would be launched first on iOS, like the rest of the older ones.

What do you think? Will we be impressed once again? Tell us your opinion and keep visiting Habbo-Happy!

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What users say?
23-06-2015 00:18:54
Looking forward to it
22-06-2015 20:59:13
I look forward to!
22-06-2015 18:08:16
it's nice to see they are trying different things, I hope everything works out for them! good luck Sulake!
22-06-2015 17:37:37
Thanks for the information!
22-06-2015 17:06:21
Thanks for the information, is very interest
22-06-2015 16:28:26
Lol? Seriously? I thought that they'll be focused only on Habbo

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