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Habbo-Happy is now recognized as an Official Fansite!

It's official, we made it to the list!

Mindayan | 07-06-2016 23:34:07 | 23:34:07 7/6/2016 | habbo-happy.net

Are you a social butterfly looking for more places to meet new friends with your same passion for the Habbo community? If so, we have great news for you!

As you may know by now, Habbo closed the official fansite applications a few days ago, and on June 6th they announced via Twitter that they have selected 5 more fansites to be part of the Official Fansites list… and Habbo-Happy is one of them! Click here for the tweet.

First and foremost, we would like to thank Habbo for this opportunity, and thank you to all of our Habbo-Happy users (Happys) for their confidence and support throughout this entire process, you are part of the Habbo-Happy family and the reason why we have worked so hard in this project, specially to our family members from the Habbo-Happy Spanish official fansite who have been there for us for the past 9 years now; and with this, we have become the first Habbo Fansite to become part of the Official Fansites List for both the English and Spanish communities! Thank you again to our Happys for making it possible!

We would like to give a big shout out to our fellow fansites who made it to the Official Fansites list this time! Amazing work, all of you, congratulations!

Habbo-Happy will be celebrating its 1st Anniversary very soon, and Habbo has definitely given us the best gift we could possibly receive. Stay tuned for more news about the 1st Anniversary celebration! And for a limited time, all of the Happys will be able to get an exclusive website badge from the shop.

Habbo-Happy is now recognized as an Official Fansite!
Starting a new period

So, you have 5 more fansites to visit and become friends with people that share your same passion for the Habbo community! Don’t wait any longer and head over to the register page and Community chat and start meeting new people!

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What users say?
09-06-2016 21:14:43
This is really a dream come true! Everybody's hard work has finally paid off!! Thank you, guys!! =D
08-10-2016 22:52:25
11-06-2016 16:31:26
08-06-2016 20:27:14
08-06-2016 13:12:06
08-06-2016 10:25:14
08-06-2016 06:02:12
Congratulations H-H!!!
08-06-2016 05:03:13
This is fantastic! Congratulations Habbo-Happy En <3
08-06-2016 04:42:09
08-06-2016 01:19:02
Yaay! An exciting period is starting now
08-06-2016 01:18:39
Congratulations! We are also official in Habbo COM :D Good luck to all the people that take place in the english site n.n

Hey there!

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