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December is here with updates!

The site receives a new Christmas design as well as the most complete badges portal

Habbo-Happy | 16-12-2016 22:42:40 | 22:42:40 16/12/2016 | habbo-happy.net

There is an especial month of the year, which is pretty different from others due to the Christmas celebration. Yes, we are talking about December!

For joining to this special time of the year, we just released a new design for the header and also the community section - they will be around the site this month!

In addition, we introduced some technical features like an improved homepage as well as usability changes in some sections. But there is one bigger thing: a brand new badges portal which is the most complete you have ever seen before. It was never so easy to organize your badges, and search the one you are looking for. You can also see specific details like in which hotels is being used, origin, date and much more! There is no doubt that you can become a badge's master with this tool!

We hope you enjoy these updates and have a nice Christmas season!

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What users say?
8 months ago
23-12-2016 11:58:05
I love the header!
22-12-2016 19:34:18
Nice design<3
22-12-2016 00:11:31
Our favorite season: Christmas!
19-12-2016 04:59:23
I love the update!
19-12-2016 01:47:08
I love this update!!! :D
16-12-2016 23:49:12
I love the community chat's background!! Happyto's cozy Christmas home, aww! =D
16-12-2016 22:53:01
I love the design and the new badges portal! Hope you all have a great festive season :D

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