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HABBO 2020

Habbo Staff show an advance on the new look of the inventory for Habbo 2020

We tell you the different changes that this function will suffer along with its new image

lPeeluche | 25-10-2020 16:52:47 | 16:52:47 25/10/2020 | habbo-happy.net

As we have been informing you, Sulake technicians are currently implementing Habbo 2020, the version of the hotel that runs under modern technology that will replace the obsolete Flash. In the last few months we have been able to know advances of how the look editor, the catalogue and market, the rewards or even the profile view will be, to which a new image is added.

Today, Habbo has made public in its official Twitter account an informative thread in which it shows an advance on the new inventory view that will arrive with the version of Habbo 2020. This new version of our object storage will include a variety of improvements that we detail below.

Habbo on Twitter: 'Habbo 2020 has a MUCH improved inventory. We've listed several changes in the below thread!'

View of the new inventory

First, it's important to note that the tabs or categories available have been simplified, highlighting the removal of the sections "Badges" and "Bots", as well as the renting section that was already removed a few months ago by mistake. Badges will be located inside a window called "Achievements", while Bots will become part of the rest of the objects in our inventory.

Habbo on Twitter: 'To simplify things, the badges, bots and rentables tabs have been removed or relocated. Achievement badges will be found in your achievements window and bots will be found in your furni tab.'

Another important change is the possibility of using the Builders Club from the inventory, for which a category has been added with all the objects available in that subscription. In addition, there will also be a new tab called "Furni by room" that will show the different rooms in which our user has objects placed.

Habbo on Twitter: 'We've incorporated the Builders Club Warehouse into the inventory, and we've added a 'Furni by room' tab where you can see rooms that contain your furni. This should make building rooms and managing your furni a lot easier!'

View of the Builders Club

Last but not least, the furni search option has been improved with the possibility of using various filters to find the objects in the inventory, among which we highlight the option to know which furni are tradable and which aren't.

Habbo on Twitter: 'We've also added filtering options to your inventory. As well as being able to filter your furni and clothing by different types and designs, you'll also be able to see your items according to whether or not they're tradable/sellable!'

At the moment, the possible release date of this new version of Habbo is unknown, which today keeps people annoyed because there are only two months left for the definitive removal of Flash in browsers.

What do you think of the new changes included in the inventory? Do you prefer the old version? Would you add or modify anything else to this function? Tell us through the comments and don't forget to keep visiting Habbo-Happy for more information.

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