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First sketches of the Easter Garden campaign carried out by the hands of Habbo designers [UPD]

The theme and first details of the campaign that will follow Valentines 2018 are here

Luu. | 25-01-2018 12:51:05 | 12:51:05 25/1/2018 | habbo-happy.net

Although we are currently celebrating the Classic Habbo campaign in January and we already know that Valentine's Day will take place in February, Habbo is still working on future events. Now you can take a look to the first sketches related to the next Easter campaign.

As we have already mentioned, these first sketches, which have been ready since last November, are related to the Easter Garden event that will take place in March. Among them we can find different tradeable clothing, flowers, an egg with a butterfly inside and other furniture such as a glass door and a table. It should be noted that they are only sketches, so the final furniture could vary.



What do you think about these sketches that will become furniture soon with the next Easter campaign? Comment your opinion and keep an eye on Habbo-Happy.

UPDATE #1 (31/01/18 10:30PM)
Habbo designers finished creating the new furniture and this is the final result!









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What users say?
02-02-2018 10:05:12
I like them. Thanks for the information :D
29-01-2018 23:15:21
Thanks for the information!!!
25-01-2018 20:42:32
Thanks for the information ♥
31-01-2018 23:48:04
Really goods furnitures *-*

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