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The final countdown

Habbo won't arrive on time for the first Flash's deactivate to which Staffs are already preparing an announcement

Users wanting to play will have to follow these steps

angelluis54 | 18-07-2019 13:48:31 | 13:48:31 18/7/2019 | habbo-happy.net

We've been telling you about the fact that in July, Flash will be deactivated in Google Chrome since several months. Concretely, the final day will be on Tuesday 30th, but Habbo is not prepared for this exit yet and users are the ones who will have to modify manually their browsers so as to keep on playing.

Habbo Staff are preparing an announcement to inform about the situation

In the last hours we have been able to confirm that Habbo Staff are creating a kind of guide with some steps to follow so as to Chrome users could activate Flash again, but provisionally, so that they could keep on playing. This proccess is not going to be only a click as we are currently used to doing, but a proccess which will require to access within Chrome's advanced settings and activate Flash from there.

Habbo, since August: 'PAY ATTENTION, CHROME USER! You must activate Flash Player manually in your browser's settings so as to play Habbo. Please, read our recent article to know how to do it. Once you've activated Flash, click the yellow hotel botton and then press "Run Flash".'

Sulake leaves Habbo in its worst technical situation after focusing only in Hideaway Hotel

Since Hideaway Hotel, the new product of Sulake, released, all technique efforts have focused on it. It hasn't stopped receiving novelties over time, such as its extension to non-English speaker countries, the possibility of decoring your rooms with furniture, the introduction of upholstery and room backgrounds or the new room browser incorporation; all of these with a continuity assignment of Staffs from Habbo and a strong marketing policy. On the other hand, Habbo has become obsolete technically without receiving improvements except a little change withing the badges category.

What do you think about the fact that users will have to change manually the configuration so as to keep on playing? Do you consider that Habbo should have hurried up before this deactivation? Let us know your opinion within the commentaries and keep on visiting Habbo-Happy.

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What users say?
18-07-2019 13:50:10
What a shame... They should have prepared it from the moment when Chrome notified its exit...

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