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Habbo designers share the final images about the new furniture for Bohemian Festival's campaign in June

Here we show you all the details and some information that is already known up to now

angelluis54 | 06-05-2019 13:30:59 | 13:30:59 6/5/2019 | habbo-happy.net

Despite the fact that April's campaign based on Fairy Tales hasn't finished yet and we still have to enjoy May's campaign related to the Ancient Greece, Habbo Staffs continue preparing some details for future events, as it is the case of June's campaign: Bohemian Festival. It's recently known many details about this event that we're showing you by this article.

Just like in cases before, Habbo Staffs would share with all fansited the final design of the different furnitures which are coming during June as well as some information related to them.

Habbo Staff: "June's campaign is called 'Bohemian Festival'. We're having a great variety of games and activities. Besides, we're launching new furnis. Within them, there is a selection of furnitures and clothes that could only be obtain by crafting. Hope you enjoy them!"

Between these furnis we can find the limited edition rare, which is an animal: the alpaca. It can also be seen many different new clothes, thematic rares and some new furnis for the campaign with collectionable skull masks.

















As usual, you will can know by our website more details about this campaign soon. Meanwhile, what do you think about the final design of each June's furniture? Give us you opinion by the comments and keep on visiting Habbo-Happy to be informed!

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28-06-2019 01:46:12
😝 i dont like at all
19-05-2019 13:25:34
I don't like 'em at all
28-06-2019 01:46:38
WHAT? u are the only person that comment.

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