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Habbo increases the friends limit for users who aren't Habbo Club members

Those who don't belong to Habbo Club can have more friends now thanks to a new update

angelluis54 | 3 months ago | 17:32:28 8/7/2019 | habbo-happy.net

One of the most important points which Habbo has is the possibility that it offers to users so as to meet people all over the world whom they can add to their "console", as it is normally known. This tool let them have their own friend list, though the limits can change depending on whether you're a Habbo Club member or not. Today, this tool has been modified about this condition. Would you want to know more about it? Keep on reading!

Habbo Club users have currently the advantage of adding into their friend lists 1100 users maximum, while those who don't belong to this membership can only have 300 friends maximum. If someone tries to overcome this, it is released an error message due to achieving the limit.

Old error message

However, this limit has been updated and users who don't belong to Habbo Club have the possibility of adding 550 friends maximum from now on. Regarding the capacitance of those users who have this membership, it has not had changes.

Update: 'You have %mylimit% friends, which means you have achieved the friends limit in your account. For Habbos without HC, the limit is 550 friends, but if you're a Habbo Club member, you can have 1100 friends on your list!'

What do you think about this new update? Do you consider it is important or Habbo should focus on other matters? Let us know your opinion and keep on paying attention to Happy-Happy for being informed!

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What users say?
3 months ago
Thanks for the info! I'm glad to know this update! The possibility of adding more friends (no HC) it's a wonderful new!
3 months ago
Wow! I didn't realize about this change

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