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Habbo surprises its users with a new type of roller never seen before

Look at its new aspect and some details about its way of working!

angelluis54 | 27-03-2020 22:01:02 | 22:01:02 27/3/2020 | habbo-happy.net

Many days have passed since March began with its campaign based on artists and museums, but Habbo Staff keep working on some changes for the next months. Would you like to know a new detail that has been unnoticed? Keep on reading!

As you should know, all roller-furni has the same pattern: little individual 1x1 boxes but with different colours to distinguish them.

Traditional roller

However, for the next campaign Habbo is trying to surprise us by creating an innovative roller similar to water. It is another roller-furni that follows the same pattern as the others in the sense of 1x1 space, but its appearance merges with another water rollers. One builder from Habbo COM named Pulx has shared an advance about its design and way of working that we show here in the next video:

What do you think about the design and way of working of this new furni? Do you want to get one of them? Give us your opinion through the comments and keep visiting Habbo-Happy to know more about what is going on.

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What users say?
28-03-2020 15:23:17
I'm looking forward to trying it as soon as possible!!

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