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Habbo will improve the way we communicate in private with new features

Important changes for a private messenger which has not been modified in recent years

angelluis54 | 24-06-2020 14:36:01 | 14:36:01 24/6/2020 | habbo-happy.net

2020 is going to be a year based on news for Habbo, such as the new hotel version developed in Unity technology which includes some changes in the hotel already prepared by Habbo Staff. Today has been discovered a new change related to private messenger. Look at all the details!

The first and most striking change is the final arrival of group chats. It was tried to introduce them in 2017, although unsuccessfully, since they did not overcome the public beta in Habbo COM due to important technical problems. Today, it has been found new texts related to this function which distinguish between two different types of permission in order to send messages: group members and admins.

Message sending failed, you are not a group member.
Message sending failed, you are not a group admin.

Other texts found today refer to a limit for new users, who will not be able to use private messenger from now on until three days after the registration of their account. This could be due to the security measures which Habbo is taking after the recent scandal in one hotel.

Messenger becomes available for new Habbos three days after they've registered.

At the moment, the visual aspect of these novelties is unknown, but we will continue to inform you as more details become available.

What do you think about the updating of private chats? Would you like to see more features added? Give us your opinion through the commentaries and keep on visiting Habbo-Happy for more information!

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What users say?
24-06-2020 14:36:58
I hope they work correctly when arriving...

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