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Habbo 1.13 update comes to iOS and Android devices

Now you can ride a horse and reading room invitations

pingvin12345 | 07-07-2015 14:50:21 | 14:50:21 7/7/2015 | habbo-happy.net

With the 15th Anniversary Habbo has also decided to update the iOS and Android application with the 1.13 update that includes a lot of new features that sure you will like to see. You don't know what we're talking about? Then, continue reading!

What's new?

This time, developments are related to the initial view of the application, along with new features that were not available before. Below we will explain in detail what they are these changes


The login page design changes

The first page that appears when you start the application has changed in appearance, since they now have a small picture of the hotel and a largest Habbo logo. Furthermore, in the login window you can see the logo that promotes the 15th Anniversary of Habbo like the website one.
Loading - Hotel


Login - Register

Riding is now possible!

As you know, until now the option to ride was not available in the application, but with this new update is now possible. You can now use your precious horse!

On the horse - Option Low

Read room invitations

Were you looking forward to read room invitations sent by console? If so, you won't have to wait much longer as with this update now available you will be aware of everything your friends say.
Room invitation

Finally, some general bugs have been fixed such as credits+diamonds bundles where the price was not correctly showing in the past.

So far the new features included in the new update. What do you think? Share your opinion and don't miss anything on Habbo-Happy

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What users say?
11-07-2015 00:35:59
Looks nice so far
08-07-2015 14:25:09
I doesn't install the aplication
08-07-2015 01:14:24
I like the new position of "HABBO" at the top instead of at the bottom. It makes more sense now.
07-07-2015 19:35:20
Thanks for the information
07-07-2015 19:12:23
Thanks for the information!
07-07-2015 16:49:56
I like the feature to ride a pony =D
07-07-2015 14:52:29
Sorry if its bad! its pretty hard to make news if you dont know spanish! cus i copy from the spanish news! but sorry if its bad

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