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Habbo will leave its technical paralysis in 2020 with new features and the loss of others

The next technical migration will have important changes after many years without receiving news

angelluis54 | 12-09-2019 17:31:27 | 17:31:27 12/9/2019 | habbo-happy.net

We've been informing you about Habbo's migration from Flash which has to be done before its deactivation in December 2020 for many months. After having produced the first deactivation of Flash for which Habbo didn't arrive on time in some browsers and having revealed that they're already working on a replacement, we can finally know more information about that. Would you like to know which facts have been revealed? So pay attention to it!

Just a few minutes ago, Habbo shared more details about its migration which is going to happen in 2020 with the answers to some frequent questions that users want to know about, such as what is going to happen with their accounts. Here it is all we know up to now:
  • Habbo will reveal how the new client looks like between October and December 2019.
  • Habbo 2020's version will be available before December 2020.
  • All current accounts will continue available in the new version.
  • It will be kept most features which are now in Habbo, but others will be lost.
  • New features will arrive and others will be modified.
What do you think about the arrival of these new features? Do you consider they will be well-received by users? What would you want to be included on the new version? And what would you delete? Tell us what's your opinion about Habbo's fate through the comments and keep on reading Habbo-Happy to know more!

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What users say?
12-09-2019 17:32:53
I hope it will be better than it's now...

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